How much does it cost to visit the Port Arthur Historic Site?
Our Tickets & Tours page has details of our current admission and additional tour prices.
This also includes information on concession entry and Companion Cards.

What time does the site open and close?
Visitor Centre (including Café & Gallery): 9am – 5pm
Car park: 8am – 5:30pm Sun-Tues; 8am – 10:30pm Wed-Sat
Grounds and museum houses: 9am – 5pm
Gift Shop: 10am – 5pm
1830 Restaurant & Bar: Wed-Sat, 5pm to late; reservations required
Ghost Tours: (Wed – Sat) tour times change throughout the year

What are the food and drink options at Port Arthur?
We have options from coffee, grab and go snacks and hot lunches through to premium dining.  Please speak to our staff if there are any dietary requirements.
If you happen to be staying in the area, turrakana/Tasman Peninsula producers and businesses offer specialties such as award-winning fish and chips and lavender ice-cream as well as world class produce, wines and spirits, many of which we use in our cafe.

More information can be found in our Eat and Drink section of our site.

If we don’t want to do the harbour cruise, can we have a cheaper ticket?
The harbour cruise is a complimentary part of basic site entry ticket but not compulsory. Should you choose not to join the cruise, this will not reduce the price of the ticket.

Why do we have to pre-book our tickets?
Port Arthur is a popular destination.  Pre-booking is the best way of making sure you can secure your entry on the day and time you prefer. Downloading or printing your ticket and having it ready before entering the Visitor Centre allows you to avoid queues at the Ticketing Counter and move through quickly to our Gallery and scan gates for entry onto the site.
Our tours have a limited capacity and run at set times throughout the day. Pre-booking your ticket will also ensure you, and your travelling companions are able to join your preferred tour at your preferred time.

Does my ticket allow access to Cascades Female Factory?
A general site entry ticket is only valid for the Port Arthur Historic Site. Separate site entry and tours fees apply for the Cascades Female Factory.
If you upgrade to a Ticket of Leave during your visit to Port Arthur, then you will have free site entry to both Port Arthur and the Cascades Female Factory for two years from the date of purchase.

Is the Coal Mines part of Port Arthur?  Do I have to pay to visit that site?
The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority manages the Coal Mines Historic Site, including flora and fauna surveys and ongoing conservation and interpretation work.
There is no fee or ticket required to enter the Coal Mines Historic Site.  Please take note of signage, as it may be closed during severe weather or other extreme events.  The Coal Mines Facebook page will also have updates and information if that occurs.

Does a Ghost Tour ticket include entry to Port Arthur during the day?
No.  Ghost Tours are a stand-alone product and a separate site entry ticket will need to be purchased for daytime entry.

What if I want a refund?
If at least 48 hours notice is given, we can refund your booking, minus a 25% administration fee.
There is no refund for cancellations within 48 hours. Our full refund policy is available in our Conditions of Entry.

What happens if Port Arthur cancels my tour or booking?
Our tours operate in rain, breeze or shine, although may be cancelled during severe weather.  Staffing and other resource issues out of our control may also impact what we can offer. If Port Arthur cancels a tour or restaurant booking, we will offer an alternative day/time or a full refund.

How long does it take to get to Port Arthur Historic Site?
The drive from Hobart to Port Arthur takes approximately 1.5 hours. However, there are many scenic landmarks and attractions along the way that could be included in your itinerary. Click here for more information about attractions in the region.

Can I park my caravan or large campervan at the site?
There is signage directing visitors to a dedicated large vehicle parking lot upon coming in off the highway.  Parking is available during business hours / Ghost Tour times only. 
Long term parking is only available for visitors registered for the Three Capes Track.

How big is the Port Arthur Historic Site?
We manage a site that is more than 100 acres in total. About 40 of these are accessible to the public, including landscaped gardens and more than 30 buildings, ruins and museum houses.
As most of your time will be spent outdoors and walking, please come prepared with appropriate walking shoes. If you would like to discuss any particular access requirements, please contact our team on 1800 659 101 or +613 6251 2310.

I have mobility issues.  Is there assistance to get around the site?
Port Arthur is a large, outdoor site, with some hills, gravel paths and steps.  The Visitor Centre, Gallery and boat are all wheelchair accessible, including ambulant toilet facilities.  We have made additions and alterations to improve physical accessibility in other museum houses and spaces, including the Isle of the Dead walkways, however there are still some entrances and walking tours that may be challenging and/or need assistance from a support person.
A courtesy vehicle operates on a circuit throughout the day, from 10.30am – 4pm (with extended hours during peak summer times) which can take you to and from some of the furthest museum houses, as well as the jetty and other points of interest.  Handheld seat rests are available from the Visitor Centre, and bench seats are located in various ruins, buildings and spots throughout the gardens.

Are there Baby Change facilities and pram access?
The Parenting Room is located on the ground floor of the Visitor Centre, near the entrance to the Gallery.
Full pram access is available throughout the Visitor Centre, Gallery and MV Marana.  Most of the paths are accessible for strollers and prams, however there are inclines and some museum houses can only be entered via steps.

How much time does it take to visit Port Arthur?
We recommend that you allow at least half a day. Your site entry ticket is valid for 2 consecutive days, with many visitors choosing to stay overnight in the turrakana/Tasman Peninsula region to explore and fully experience the Port Arthur Historic Site, including the Ghost Tour.  

More information on the region can be found here.

What is the weather like at Port Arthur?
Tasmania enjoys a temperate climate with refreshingly cool southern air.  Average temperatures range from 13 to 22 degrees Celsius.
Check the local weather forecasts prior to your visit.

What should I wear?
Sturdy shoes are recommended for safety and comfort.  We also suggest a windcheater or light jacket in summer and warmer clothing in winter. In case of rain, umbrellas and raincoats are highly recommended and are available for sale in the Gift Shop.

What happens if I need First Aid?
Most of our staff including guides, courtesy vehicle drivers and food & beverage assistants are regularly trained in first aid, with a dedicated space for treatment and accessible for ambulances on the lower floor of the Visitor Centre. We have defibrillators located in the Visitor Centre and onboard the MV Marana.

What do I do if I see a snake or injured wildlife?
Please DO NOT approach wildlife.  While most of our fauna are shy and do not like to attack, they may become stressed and defensive.  All species of snakes in lutruwita/Tasmania are poisonous and, although they rarely do, any bite will require immediate treatment. Moving baby birds may also lead to distress, so please leave them to their parents.

We have staff and local contractors who are trained in wildlife removal or care – please tell staff as soon as you can and they will contact the appropriate people.

Can I use my mobile phone at Port Arthur Historic Site?
Mobile phone service at Port Arthur is currently available for Telstra and Optus customers only and can be limited at certain locations on site.
For ease, we do recommend downloading the Port Arthur Audio Experience before your arrival as well as bringing your smartphone fully charged and with headphones/earbuds.

Do you have free Wi-Fi?
Yes.  Port Arthur Historic Site is part of the Tasmanian Government free Wi-Fi service.  In the visitor centre and Asylum Cafe, you can connect to this service by selecting “TasGov_Free” from the list of available networks on your device.

Are drones or Remotely-Piloted Aircraft or UAV permitted?
The recreational use of a RPA is not permitted at the Port Arthur Historic Site. Commercial use of a RPA will be considered with the the provision of evidence of a current Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) RPA operator’s certificate (ReOC or the former UOC); and the pilot must hold a remote pilot licence (RePL or the former UAV controller). This requirement applies to all categories of RPA including very small RPA (sub- 2kg category). Click here for the application.   As per CASA regulations any RPAs used within the vicinity of Port Arthur Historic Site (including Point Puer) must not exceed 45 metres altitude.

Will staff tell us about the 1996 massacre?
Our staff are always keen to help visitors with inquiries, but this is one area about which they prefer not to be asked. Many of our staff lost close friends, colleagues and family members on that day, and understandably find it difficult and painful to talk about.  We have a brochure available and information in the Gallery as well as a plaque at the Memorial Garden. Please read Sunday 28 April 1996 for more information.

Why don’t staff dress up in costume?
Many visitors have enjoyed this style of presentation at other sites and say that they would like to see it at Port Arthur Historic Site.  But Port Arthur is not a theme park – it is a real place with a dark and difficult history. Dressing staff in convict and other costumes would turn the experiences of those who were imprisoned here into light entertainment, which is not consistent with our commitment to authenticity and integrity.

Why don’t you rebuild the roof on the Church?
Unless the space or building cannot be clearly understood without them, we do not undertake reconstructions.  For instance, the Government Gardens would not have been able to be recognised as a garden if it had been left as the paddock that it had become over the years.  However, the Church is still clearly a church even without a roof and therefore not necessary for us to rebuild one for visitors to understand its former function and use.

Why does the water from the tap and bubbler look coloured?
Like tea, the colour comes from the tannins in leaves that drop into the reservoir from the surrounding bushland.  This is safe to drink and regularly tested to ensure that is so.