To make sure you have the best possible experience during your visit to the Port Arthur Historic Sites, it’s important that you understand our Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Entry.

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Act

The Port Arthur Historic Sites are places of national and international significance.

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Act 1987 is designed to ensure the protection and conservation of these sites. The Act details the Authority’s powers and the responsibilities of visitors in relation to standards of behaviour, and care and management of the sites. The complete Act is available from

All visitors and activities within the Port Arthur Historic Sites are subject to, and must comply with, the Act.

Conditions of entry

The ticket holder agrees that, while at the Port Arthur Historic Sites, he/she shall:

  • act only in a lawful manner
  • comply with all lawful demands, directions and requests given by Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) employees, servants and/or agents
  • exercise all due care and control for his/her own safety and for that of any family members under his/her control or supervision.

PAHSMA retains to the right to deny access to and/or eject visitors who are being a public nuisance, acting recklessly or failing to observe directions from signage or PAHSMA staff.

PAHSMA, its employees and agents shall not be liable, either in contract or for negligence, for any injury, loss or damage, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, arising out of or caused by the condition of the land, any building or structure within the site, any natural or other hazard, or by any activity on the site.

Alcohol is not permitted on any tours. Visitors who are under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave the site.

Children must be accompanied by an adult, who shall be solely responsible for the care and conduct of those children while on site.

Ticket refunds

Tickets that have been purchased up to 48 hours prior to a visit date may be refunded, less a fee of 25% of the ticket cost, to be retained by PAHSMA.

No refund is available for tickets purchased within 48 hours of a visit date.

Cancellation of group reservations

All group reservations for site entry and/or tours must be accepted and confirmed by PAHSMA.

All cancellations must be in writing.

Cancelling a booking

No cancellation fee is charged for bookings cancelled up to 48 hours prior to a visit date.

A fee of 10% of the last confirmed price is charged for bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

Reduction in numbers of group reservations

All reductions in group numbers must be advised at least 48 hours prior to a visit date.

A fee of 10% of the cost of cancelled tickets will be charged for cancellations advised with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Cancellation or alteration of a catering reservation

All reservations for group catering must be accepted and confirmed by PAHSMA.

Numbers for catering must be confirmed seven days prior to the function date.
A reduction in final numbers, or a cancellation, with less than seven days notice will result in catering being charged, based on guest numbers advised prior to seven days before the function date.

Refund – site closure

In the unlikely event that the site or part of the site is closed, Management will make a decision regarding any applicable refund, based on the duration of the closure.

Late arrivals

In the event that you arrive late at Port Arthur Historic Site, we are unable to guarantee your place on a tour that you have booked, or the availability of alternative tours. Please allow plenty of time to travel to the site, and arrive in time to check in for your booked tour.

Please check in 30 minutes prior to the start time for the:

  • Introductory Guided Walking Tour
  • Harbour Cruise
  • Isle of the Dead Cemetery Tour
  • Point Puer Boys’ Prison Tour.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time of Historic Ghost Tours.

Read about transport options and travel times.


Any personal information collected for the purpose of making bookings or purchasing tickets will remain confidential, and will only be used by the Port Arthur Historic Sites Management Authority (PAHSMA) for the purpose of the booking or purchase of tickets. Please refer to PAHSMA’s Personal Information Protection Policy for more information.

Definition of ticket types


Two adults and up to/including six children.


7–17 years of age inclusive.

(Children six years and under enter free of charge)


Holder of a valid Australian senior, health or pension card.

Proof must be provided on arrival.


Holder of a valid Australian full-time student card.

Proof must be provided on arrival.

Ticket of Leave Two Year Pass

Come back to Port Arthur with our great value Ticket of Leave which allows you to return as many times as you like. The ticket is valid for two years from the date you purchase it and includes any of the activities included in general site entry. It does not include optional tours or food and beverages.

Adult $10 / Family $20

Photography and filming

The Port Arthur Historic Sites are among Australia’s most popular and scenic heritage attractions. These are places of exceptional beauty, and our visitors are welcome to take photographs and make audio and video recordings at the sites for their own use and to share with family and friends #portarthurtassie.

Any commercial production requires written approval and is subject to PAHSMA’s Filming and Photography Guidelines, which are incorporated in the application form here.  A commercial production refers to photographs or recordings undertaken professionally or for a financial consideration, either on consignment for another party, or with a view to selling or hiring the imagery obtained, or for promotion of a product or service. This permission must be obtained prior to any photography or filming taking place.
For more information, please contact us.

The use of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft (UAV or ‘drones’)

Please note the recreational use of a RPA is NOT permitted at Port Arthur Historic Site.

The commercial use of a RPA may be considered with the provision of evidence of Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certification and the associated Public Liability insurance along with the completed Filming and Photography Application at least 10 business days prior to filming.

As per CASA regulations any RPA’s used within the vicinity of Port Arthur Historic Site (including Point Puer) must not exceed 45 metres altitude.