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We have prepared some trade information that you and your staff can use to better understand and explain visiting the Port Arthur Historic Site and the Cascades Female Factory Historic Site.

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Award-winning attraction

  • Australia’s best major tourist attraction at the 2019 and 2018 Australian Tourism Awards
  • Australia’s best cultural tourism at the 2018 Australian Tourism Awards, and silver award in 2017
  • Tasmania’s best major tourist attraction at the 2019, 2018 & 2017 at the Tasmanian Tourism Awards
  • Tasmania’s best at cultural tourism at the 2019, 2018 & 2017 Tasmanian Tourism Awards
  • Australia’s best major tourist attraction at the 2014 Australian Tourism Awards, and Silver award in 2015
  • Australia’s best heritage and cultural tourism attraction at the 2014 Australian Tourism Awards, and Silver award in 2015

A Trusted Partner

As a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise, the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) works with many tourism industry partners – including accommodation providers, tour operators, travel agents, inbound tour operators, cruise companies, wholesalers and visitor information centres – to promote and market our Sites, region and Tasmania as a whole in local, national and international markets.

PAHSMA maintains a range of industry accreditations, memberships and partnerships including:

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World Heritage

The Port Arthur, Coal Mines and Cascade Female Factory Historic Sites are three of eleven sites that together form the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property.

About the Site

The Port Arthur Historic Site is a must-see for any visitor to Tasmania.

It is located in the south-east of the island state, approximately 96 kilometres or a 90 minute drive from the capital city, Hobart.

For those with limited time, it is possible to see the Site in a day tour from Hobart. Various companies offer coach and cruising tour options (see below). However, to fully experience Port Arthur, the nearby Coal Mines Historic Site and the spectacular scenery and fascinating cultural heritage of the surrounding region, spending a few days in the area is recommended.

For full details on the Port Arthur Experience, please see our Visit section.

Cascades Female Factory

The Cascades Female Factory Historic Site lies in the country of the Mouheneener people, nestled at the base of Mount Wellington, in South Hobart, Tasmania.  Recognised as one of the most significant sites associated with female convicts in Australia, it is listed as one of the 11 sites that together form the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property, inscribed on the World Heritage list in 2010.  Cascade Female Factory tells the story of the displacement, mistreatment and forced migration of convict women and girls, and their contribution to colonisation throughout the history of colonial Australia to the present day.

Visit the Cascades Female Factory for more information.

Cultural Attractions of Australia

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Port Arthur Historic Site is a founding member of the Cultural Attractions of Australia.

Cultural Attractions of Australia is a collective of iconic Australian cultural tourism attractions and museums that have joined forces to present their best experiences to the world.

Providing a single point of contact for travellers, trade partners and media to access premium, behind-the-scenes cultural experiences in iconic locations; the strength of this collective lies in the diversity and iconic nature of the sites and collections represented, as well as the direct connection they hold with the people and cultures of Australia.

Cultural Attractions of Australia and its iconic Australian arts, cultural heritage and sporting organisations offer a distinctive lens on what it means to be Australian.


Packages and itineraries

Visitors can spend a couple of hours or a couple of days exploring the fascinating Port Arthur Historic Site.

Please download details of our suggested itineraries, event information along with our Travel Trade summary sheets:

These packages are commissionable – please contact our Visitor Services team to discuss sales arrangements.



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Becoming a Trade Partner

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Cruise Ships

Situated on one of the most scenic harbours in Australia, Port Arthur Historic Site is becoming a popular destination for cruise ships in its own right. In recent years the Historic Site has welcomed many of the largest vessels cruising in Australian waters.

Refer to our What’s on page to see when ships are visiting.