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Henry Singleton

Sentenced to 14 years' transportation for the crime of stealing shirts, Henry Singleton was ‘a bad character’ – always in trouble, dirty and disobedient. At Port Arthur, Henry’s insolence would earn him more than one visit to the solitary cells.

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Robert Young

Robert Young just 20 years old when he served at Port Arthur with the King’s Own Light Infantry in 1840. Robert’s job was to provide security when the convicts were at work. But his devotion to duty would cost him a terrible price.

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William Champ

Gardens were Commandant Champ’s lifelong passion. His vision brought the plants of old England to a remote corner of the colony, where a beautiful pleasure garden would take shape for the comfort of the settlement’s ladies.

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David Hoy

David Hoy was a Scottish carpenter and boat builder who arrived in Van Diemen’s Land in 1824. He was to become the colony’s greatest shipbuilder, and he would survive more than one dramatic experience during his time in the colony.

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Margaret Dalziel

Margaret was a small woman, but a formidable one. Transported for 10 years for highway robbery and housebreaking, she began a new life as a convict servant. But Margaret’s troublesome ways were to follow her to Van Diemen's Land.

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