Port Arthur Talks

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority presents this semi-regular series of talks by authoritative speakers on a variety of topics, ranging from history and conservation to environmental issues, research results, study tours and much more.

The talks are held every couple of months at the Port Arthur Historic Site, are free of charge and open to anyone who is interested in the topic. Rich and varied subjects and speakers make for fascinating listening and discussion.

For more information about our Port Arthur Talks, please phone +61 (0)3 6251 2324.

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Robert Jarman is one of Tasmania’s most accomplished theatre artists. As a Director, performer, writer, or designer he has featured in all Ten Days on the Island festivals. Robert has worked with all major Tasmanian performing arts companies and is a co-founder of Hobart’s Blue Cow Theatre. In 2000 Robert received the Federation Medal for his services to Performing Arts.

In October 2020 he spent a month at Port Arthur as part of the Artist in Residence program.*  During Robert’s Artist Residency at Port Arthur he aimed to make some order out of a mess of ideas he had for a new show. His time here proved more than just an opportunity to clarify his thoughts; the raw material he gathered and the inspiration he found has led to his creating a rich new work that will blend theatre history, queer history, and Tasmanian colonial history. Robert will talk about the many starting points, the long creative process, and the importance of his Artist Residency at Port Arthur in the creation of this new work.

On Tuesday 9 February at 12 noon at 1830 Restaurant & Bar, Visitor Centre, Port Arthur Historic Site

Attendance by booking only.

For bookings please phone 1800 659 101 between 10am and 4pm or email: reservations@portarthur.org.au

Physical distancing requirements will be observed at all times.

Port Arthur Talks leaflet – Robert Jarman


*Assisted by the Minister for the Arts through Arts Tasmania.