COVID-19, Port Arthur & you

As a World Heritage Site and major tourism attraction but also, more importantly, as a place where people work, gather and holiday, we want to ensure that your time with us is as safe, comfortable and enjoyable an experience as possible.

We understand that there are many, and sometimes confusing, changes and updates to COVID restrictions, so we thought we’d give you a run down on what we’re up to and what we ask from our visitors (as well as contractors and staff).

Booking your entry and additional tour tickets BEFORE you get to the site


To give everyone their space, we have limits on how many people can be in one place at one time, particularly tours.  Getting your tickets early means you can make sure you get a time that suits you. Maybe that’s something in the quieter parts of the day, or maybe it’s the few hours that you have to be able to get around as part of your tour of turrakana / the Tasman Peninsula.

Having your tickets on hand also saves you time at entry, because who really likes waiting in a line?!

We are a fully vaccinated site (applicable to those aged 12 and over)


It gives you, as well as our staff and all visitors, the comfort of knowing that all of those around us are vaccinated.

Your vaccination status or medical exemption may be asked to be seen at entry (through either smartphone app or official paperwork).

Physical distancing and limits of people in certain spaces


No doubt you’ve seen the crosses on floors and gotten good at 1.5m between you and another.  While we keep numbers down to give you the space you need, we can’t do duct tape on heritage floorboards.  Instead we will have staff on hand at the entries of our historic buildings and homes to keep count as well as answer any of your questions.

Please make use of the hand washing and sanitising facilities throughout the site.


You touch things.  Everyone does.  Frequent washing of your hands will help to kill the virus should you come in contact with it from a surface or help to prevent the spread.

A regular cleaning schedule by our friendly cleaning team


We like to come around with gloves and masks and check to see how you’re doing and if there’s anything else we can do as a team to make your experience that much better in these difficult times. Oh, and we need to sanitise surfaces regularly for you.

Tickets can be booked through:  

Please contact us or 1800 659 101 if you have any other queries.

Further information and resources on what the Tasmanian Government is doing in regards to Covid-19 can be found at: