About Us

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority

Since its creation in 1987, the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) has been responsible for preserving and maintaining one of Australia’s most important heritage sites and major tourism destinations, the Port Arthur Historic Site on the Tasman Peninsula, approximately 100km south east of Hobart, Tasmania.

In 2004 the Authority was also given responsibility for the Coal Mines Historic Site, located near Saltwater River, about a half hour drive from Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula. During 2011, the Authority was also given management responsibility for Cascades Female Factory Historic Site, in South Hobart. 

All three sites under PAHSMA’s management are included on the World Heritage List as three of the eleven sites that constitute the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property, inscribed in 2010.

Due to its responsibility for multiple sites, reference is often made to the Port Arthur Historic Sites.

Legislative Framework

PAHSMA is a Government Business Enterprise and operates under the provisions of the following principle acts of Tasmania’s State Parliament:

  • Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Act 1987
  • Government Business Enterprises Act 1995
  • Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995
  • National Parks and Reserve Management Act 2002
  • State Service Act 2000

PAHSMA is committed to the aims and objectives of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2002 (the Act). It does not tolerate improper conduct by its employees, officers or members, or the taking of detrimental action against those who come forward to disclose such conduct.

Our Vision

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority is globally-recognised for excellence in telling the Australian convict story through outstanding conservation and tourism experiences.

Our Statement of Purpose

To conserve and enhance the heritage values of our World Heritage convict sites and to share the stories of these places and the people connected to them.

Our Values

Unity: We work as one to achieve PAHSMA’s Purpose.

Accountability: We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for our actions and behaviours

People Matter: We acknowledge and show respect to our people – past, present and future.

Passion and Pride: We are committed to being world class.