Law Court

There were so many rules that convicts were bound to break some; then punishment was swift and certain.

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Look for QR codes to scan and access audio commentaries and additional information. The map below indicates where you will find QR codes.

Audio 1 Introduction


Audio 2 Overview


Audio 3 Penitentiary


Audio 4 Ablution Block & Exercise Yard

Ablution Block & Exercise Yard

Audio 5 Workshops


Audio 6 Commandant's House

Commandant’s House

Audio 7 Commandant's Garden

Commandant’s Garden

Audio 8 Law Court

Law Court

Audio 9 Guard Tower

Guard Tower

Audio 10 Tower Cottage

Tower Cottage

Audio 11 Smith O'Brien's Cottage

Smith O’Brien’s Cottage

Audio 12 The Hospital

The Hospital

Audio 13 Pauper's Mess

Pauper’s Mess

Audio 14 Settlement Creek

Settlement Creek

Audio 15 Asylum


Audio 16 Separate Prison

Separate Prison

Audio 17 Farm Overseer's Cottage

Farm Overseer’s Cottage

Audio 18 Civil Officers' Row

Civil Officers’ Row

Audio 19 Church


Audio 20 Government Cottage

Government Cottage

Audio 21 Fountain


Audio 22 Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden

Audio 23 Harbour View - Isle of the Dead - Point Puer

Harbour View – Isle of the Dead – Point Puer

Audio 24 Dockyards


Audio 25 Farewell