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Conversations with a Guide: Was Port Arthur Escape-Proof?

22 Sept

The stories of Port Arthur are rich, detailed and personal and offer thought-provoking and fascinating insights.  Our expert guides have delved into a variety of them and wish to welcome you to a series of free talks this Spring.
Topics will change weekly and will be held on Wednesday nights from 4-5.00pm in the 1830 Restaurant & Bar.

Settlement, Dogs and a Semaphore: Was Port Arthur Escape-Proof?

Port Arthur was a natural prison, surrounded by shark infested waters and connected to the rest of Van Diemen’s land by only a very narrow isthmus at Eaglehawk Neck.  An elaborate system was set up – soldiers and semaphores that ended in a line of vicious dogs – to ensure there were no escapes.  Port Arthur Guide, Bryn , describes how this system of defence operated and recounts tales of harrowing escape attempts.

This is a FREE talk.  No site entry tickets required.  In order for us to stay COVID safe, seating is limited and we ask that you please reserve your tickets by phoning 1800 659 101 or by email

1830 Restaurant & Bar will be open with a special Parmie menu.  Please let us know if you would like to stay for dinner afterwards!