Conservation Works


As part of maintaining a World Heritage Site, our Conservation team are regularly working across the Port Arthur Historic Site. Some of these works may cause minor disruptions to visitor experience and have been listed below. We appreciate your understanding as we preserve and maintain the site and its heritage values for future generations as well as the safety of our visitors and staff.

Built Elements Monitoring Project
May to June

Surveyors shall be on site performing laser scans of ruins and retaining walls.  Work is subject to weather.  Visitor access to the ruins is considered a priority, and will only be restricted when necessary for safety reasons.  Scanning of popular buildings are planned to occur in the mornings prior to 9am.

Conservation work to Master Shipwright’s House
May to October

Conservation works are planned for the Shipwright’s House, one of our oldest buildings. Planned works include timber repairs, preservation of wallpaper and plaster and painting.
The works are expected to provide no disruption to the visitor experience.

Separate Prison Masonry Conservation
May to June

Masonry works are being performed within the Separate Prison. To allow for curing of new mortar, significant sections of the Separate Prison will be closed to the public.

Island of the Dead
June to August

Updating of the walkways on the Island of the Dead are planned for the winter period.

During the first week of June (3-7th) staff will be clearing vegetation and setting concrete footings. This work will include material being airlifted to the island on the morning of the 4th. These works are expected to provide minor disruption to visitor experience.

Major works on the Island are planned for July 31st to August 23rd and the island will be closed for this period. Materials will be airlifted to the island on July 30th, causing some disruption on the island.

Repair works to the Jetty pontoon

Repairs are scheduled to be performed on the Port Arthur Jetty pontoon.  The repairs are expected to take less than a week to complete, with exact dates to be confirmed.  Some equipment may be audible across the site when in use.

Tree Maintenance Program

Remedial works will be performed to the larger trees at the Port Arthur Historic Site. Works includes removing unstable, dead tree branches from the top of trees and mulching. The works are expected to cause no disruption to the visitor experience.