Big Possum Beach rehabilitation project



Big Possum Beach rehabilitation project

Beach Parking and Boat Launching

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) is responsible for managing a large area of land between the historic site and Point Puer, and this includes the foreshore at Carnarvon Bay.  This responsibility acknowledges the link between the main settlement, Brick Point (where all the bricks for the site were made) and Point Puer, (the boys’ prison).

Faced with the increasing impacts of erosion, we are writing to you to advise of some changes to the management of the foreshore that will assist with the protection of the beach for the whole community. Please be reassured that we are not closing the beach.

Following discussions with our Community Advisory Committee, we are introducing two measures that will change the use of the beach by people launching a boat and/or parking on the beach. We understand this will affect a small group of users.

  1. ‘No Parking’ restrictions will apply on all beaches along Carnarvon Bay, and this includes both Big and Little Possum Beaches.
  2. Boat launching directly from the beach will be restricted to two access points at the Western end of Big Possum Beach (see below). The two points will be retained to allow a trailer and car onto and off the beach. All other informal launch spots will be revegetated.

The parking and boat access restrictions will take effect from  Saturday 1 December 2018.

More information is available on this information sheet.  For further enquiries please contact us.