World Heritage nomination update

May 20, 2008

The evaluation of Australia’s nomination of 11 convict sites for World Heritage listing has been delayed.

The World Heritage Centre has advised the Australian Government that its nomination, which includes five Tasmania sites, was an excellent submission and would serve as a model for future nominations. However, it would not be evaluated this year.

The Australian Commonwealth is confident it will be considered in 2009.

Tasmanian sites in the nomination are: Port Arthur Historic Site and the Coal Mines on the Tasman Peninsula, the Cascades Female Factory at South Hobart, the Darlington Probation Station on Maria Island and the farming properties Woolmers and Brickendon near Longford.

The Minister for Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts, Michelle O’Byrne commended Tasmania’s contribution to the nomination.

“While I am naturally disappointed that the nomination has been delayed, the State Government will actively participate in conjunction with the Australian Government in the promotion of the Australian nomination over the next two years,” the Minister said.

“I am looking forward to continuing the excellent work with historic site managers and owners to ensure the best possible outcome for the Australian Convict Sites Nomination.”