Work as a Tour Guide at Port Arthur

May 5, 2016

Port Arthur Historic Site currently has vacancies for 3 permanent part-time tour guides.

Our current guiding team come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and each guide adds to the visitor experience in their own unique way.

“I came to work at Port Arthur for the summer of 2007/08, intending to stay only a few months.  I’ve since fallen in love with the place and am closer to a decade, rather than just a summer.  Port Arthur is a place that captures your imagination, and I’m sure most guides past and present would agree it’s a unique job.

As tour guides, we get to introduce visitors to the depths of Port Arthur’s history.  There are many things to love about the job; watching as the beauty of the site literally takes people’s breath away as they see it for the first time, seeing visitors reach a new level of understanding of the history, and helping to connect people with the personal stories of the characters of Port Arthur, these are some of my favourite parts of being a guide.

As guides we also see Port Arthur in all of its different moods; busy summer cruise ship days with thousands of visitors exploring the grounds, freezing winter mornings with the hardiest of history buffs rugged up and ready to learn, and everything in between.  I’ve guided school groups, special interest groups, media crews and international delegates around the Site, and met interesting people from all over the world.

The guiding team are a great group, of all ages and from all sorts of backgrounds, and I’ve met some of my closest friends (and even my fiance!) through the job.”

Mel Andrewartha, Port Arthur Tour Guide.

Tour Guide Rob explains Port Arthur's history to visitors

Tour Guide Rob Kercher leads an Introductory Walking Tour

Applications close Monday 9th May 2016.  For more information about working at Port Arthur, see our careers page.

For application information see the Tasmanian Government Jobs page.