Port Arthur Visitor Centre Upgrade

January 28, 2017

It’s started…

We have begun the much anticipated upgrade to our Visitor Centre at Port Arthur Historic Site and you will now notice a few changes when you next visit.  These changes are temporary during the redevelopment and would like to assure you that our Port Arthur team will continue to deliver a memorable experience.

The redevelopment project has been triggered by our need to expand operations and facilities to meet the needs of growing visitor numbers. The newly-designed extension and refurbishment will enhance our visitor experience and improve working space for our teams.

So that you are able to make the most of your visit, we would like to highlight a few of the initial changes:

  • For safety and to allow important works to commence, vehicle access to the front of the Visitor Centre (Level 0) has been closed.  We have relocated the coach and bus drop off and pick up points to the area at the top of the stairs at Level 1 and after delivering your guests, small bus and coach parking will be available in the Overflow Parking Area;
  • disabled parking and drop off (vehicles only) is available from Level 0 in front of the Visitor Centre;
  • visitors will be able to collect their tickets from temporary booths just outside the front doors of the Visitor Centre;
  • the Gift Shop has moved to two new locations on site – the Policeman’s Residence and the Asylum; and
  • the most popular parts of our Interpretation Gallery, the Lottery of Life and Convict Research Centre have moved to Farm Overseer’s Cottage (behind the Separate Prison).

Click here for a map for all coach and small bus arrivals to the Visitor Centre and Historic Site for your reference.

While there are some changes happening during construction, our team of guides and visitor services staff will continue to deliver a world class experience.  We would like to reassure you that the following services will remain unchanged during this period:

  • The café and Felons Restaurant remain open;
  • all visitors will continue to enjoy introductory tours and the harbour cruises, with tours departing from outside the Visitor Centre in the Government Gardens;
  • Ghost Tours will continue normal operations;
  • Electric mobility carts are still available and will depart from the Visitor Centre;
  • TVIN and Three Capes Track ticketing will continue to operate from existing desk in the Visitor Centre foyer;
  • the Tasmanian Government Free Wi-Fi is still available from the Museum Cafe and Asylum building; and
  • our summer series of free historical theatrical performances will continue until Easter.

We are very excited about this important upgrade to our visitor experience and we look forward to sharing the new improved facilities with you in December 2017!


The building currently houses various tourism operation functions ranging from ticketing and retail to food and refreshment for the more than 300,000 tourists who visit annually.

There has been little change to the tourism building facilities at the Port Arthur Historic Site since the Visitor Centre opened in 1998.  In the 17 year period since development of the facility, with the exception of Global Financial Crises (2009-2012) and their impact on both domestic and international travel, visitation to the site has grown exponentially.

Visitor Numbers

Port Arthur Visitor Numbers between 1998-2016

While the current Visitor Centre has served us admirably, the building building no-longer meets its key functions as the site’s entry and exit point, retail facility and food service outlet.

A period of broad consultation has highlighted the following:

  • the Visitor Centre plays a critical role in management of visitors and commercial operations;
  • there is significant dysfunction, congestion, and confusion for visitors at the site entry point due to the building’s capacity limit;
  • staff requirements have outgrown the capacity of the building;
  • that redevelopment will be responsive and sensitive to the site’s conservation principles while addressing the needs of the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority’s (PAHSMA) tourism objectives.

The Project

Visitor Centre design

3D rendering of the proposed Visitor Centre extension.

In 2015 Grant funding was received from the Australian Government to support a master-planning exercise. This engagement was awarded to HPA Projects and Hobart-based architects Rosevear Stephenson.  In April 2016 the PAHSMA Board adopted a preferred design for a redevelopment of the existing Visitor Centre. The design, intended to address a lifecycle of 15-20 years (based on current visitation statistics) sees an extension of the existing facility together with large scale remodelling of the interior and exterior of the existing facility.

Visitor Centre design

3D rendering of the proposed Visitor Centre extension.

In order to do this large scale redevelopment within a World Heritage-listed site, considerable modelling as well as a detailed Heritage Impact Assessment (carried out by Mackay Strategic) have been carried out to address all of the local and national heritage legislation.

Construction is anticipated to be completed in December 2017. The project is to be programmed to constrain the major period of disruption to the winter months. The historic site will remain open throughout the duration of the construction period, with disrupted services being accommodated through alternate means. The project will see a new-look dining experience for both cafeteria and bistro offerings and updated interpretation and gallery space to better present the amazing stories that lie beyond the doors of the Visitor Centre building.

VC Project rear Nth

3D rendering of the proposed Visitor Centre extension.