Tourism planning for regional development topic of next Port Arthur Talk

October 28, 2003

Professor Trevor Sofield will discuss tourism planning for regional development at the next Port Arthur Talk.

Prof. Sofield is the inaugural Chair of the Tourism Programme at the University of Tasmania. He is involved in sustainable tourism research and consultancies with major organisations and is also Tasmanian Coordinator of the National Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism. He has a wide first-hand experience of tourism issues with a particular interest in cultural heritage tourism, ecotourism and tourism policy and planning.

A multi-faceted approach to tourism planning for regional development which engages the local community(ies) through a series of focus groups offers a path to sustainable and appropriate forms of development. The process outlined in this presentation is based on developing a capacity to formulate practical scenarios for future decision-making: it is an interactive computer based model which allows community interests to manipulate a wide range of variables to test hypotheses about how best to develop a region through tourism.

This talk will be of benefit to anyone in the region that is involved in the tourism industry – from planners to businesses.

Wednesday 19th November, 2003
At the Museum/Asylum Building, Port Arthur Historic Site
5.30 p.m.