Tony Robinson’s Explore Australia on air next week

April 24, 2011

Late last year, Time Team’s Tony ‘Baldrick’ Robinson visited the Port Arthur Historic Site, and other areas of Tasmania, while making a documentary series on Australian History.

That series, ‘Tony Robinson’s Explore Australia’, has been completed and goes to air on The History Channel from next Tuesday, May 3rd at 7.30pm.

According to The History Channel’s Australian website, Tony will take us “on a journey through time and places across Australia, offering a revealing and unique perspective on Australian society and history.

“In this six part series Tony introduces us to locations where deeds great and grotesque, heralded and hidden took place. There will be surprising stories of conflicts, hardship, notoriety and discovery as Tony brings fascinating new insights into the impact the British have had on Australian life.”

The series continues until Tuesday June 7.