Podcast to help visitors get the best from Port Arthur

December 11, 2013

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority is using 21st century technology to help visitors plan and get the most from their visit to the World Heritage listed convict site.

Staff of the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority have recorded a podcast in which they discuss the experiences on offer, the time required and the preparation needed to get maximum benefit from visiting the Site.

Heritage interpretation expert Dr Jody Steele said the podcast wasn’t designed to cover the history of Port Arthur.

“Our guides do a brilliant job of conveying the history of the site for visitors once they arrive,” said Dr Steele.

“The podcast offers just a taste of the story, but really concentrates on what else to see and do on the way, what to wear, how much time it will take, and an overview of the many and varied options visitors have once they arrive at Port Arthur.”

Marketing Manager Andrew Ross said that ideally, people planning a trip would download the podcast from the website and play it while driving to Port Arthur.

“We know that, while everyone has heard of Port Arthur, they don’t really know much about the various tours, activities and options available before they arrive,” he said.

“By having a bit more of an understanding of the options, people can decide what interests them, and how best to use their time at the Site.”

The podcast, which runs just under 24 minutes, is available at the Port Arthur Historic Site website and will shortly make its way onto other podcasting platforms.

The podcast is available below.