Performance for Port Arthur Staff

August 4, 2009

The Port Arthur Historic Site Social Committee will present a special performance by actor and entrepreneur Miriam Cooper for staff at the Historic Site. Miriam will perform her one-woman show “A Cottage, a Key and a Convict”.

In the early 1800’s a small number of women came to Van Diemen’s Land to join their husbands who were already serving sentences. This story is of Mary Wilby and her three daughters who were such a family.

One of these girls, Maria, became the legendary villager, “Grannie Rhodes” of Richmond.

Miriam’s performance gives insight into the life and times back in England, the sentencing of the father, the voyage out and the difficulties of life in this new land, but there are also the strange stories that have happened to her during the establishment of her bed and breakfast in Richmond.

All stories are true, brilliantly told to enwrap the visitor in the changing atmosphere of two hundred years of history and to make the flesh crawl, including the finding of the key and the discovery of buried dynamite, enough to blow up all of Richmond!

Miriam will be presenting us her performance shortly after returning from performing at English Heritage’s Festival of History in Northamptonshire to a crowd projected to exceed 170,000.

The performance will be in two 45-minute halfs with a 30-minute break for refreshments.

Where: The Asylum at Port Arthur Historic Site

When: Tuesday, August 25 (Doors open at 5:00pm Performance at 5:30pm)

Cost: Free to PAHSMA Staff and their immediate families while tickets last.

Tickets: Port Arthur Historic Site Visitor Services