Cruise Ships at Port Arthur

Situated on one of the most scenic harbours in Australia, Port Arthur Historic Site is becoming a popular destination for cruise ships in its own right.

In recent years the Historic Site has welcomed many of the largest vessels cruising in Australian waters.

The sheltered deep-water harbour is more than sufficient to provide the largest cruise ships with a safe anchorage close to the Site. Access to the site is via ships’ tenders to our private, all-weather jetty.

New jetty for cruise ships’ tenders now fully operational

The jetty has recently been upgraded to provide two separate berths for tender vessels which can be accessed completely independently of the berth used by Port Arthur’s harbour cruise vessel.

The installation has been supported by the Commonwealth Government through a Tourism Regional Infrastructure Fund (TIRF) grant, with matching funding from the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority.

Shore excursions and tours

A range of shore excursions and tours of the Port Arthur is available, with walking tours of the Historic Site departing from the jetty.

Visitors have access to Port Arthur’s facilities, including its large modern Visitor Centre, choice of two cafes, gift shop, visitor services and facilities and world-class storytelling about Australia’s convict heritage.

Shore excursions of the surrounding region are available and depart from just outside the Visitor Centre, which is a short 5 minute walk from the jetty. A courtesy buggy service is available for visitors who have limited mobility.

More information

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