New tourism TV show gets off to flying start at Port Arthur

July 31, 2007


As part of the State Government’s program to encourage Tasmanians to explore more of their own State, filming has begun on the pilot episode of a new Tasmanian travel series which will be aired later this year.

The travel series is hosted by TV stars Fast Eddie (Ed Halmagyi) from “Better Homes and Gardens” and Tim Campbell from “Home and Away”.

Together the friends will take Tasmanians on a journey that will open their eyes to the wonders of our diverse and inspiring island.

The crew visited Port Arthur, arriving in spectacular style in a helicopter, to shoot the opening sequence of the program in front of the penitentiary.

Minister for Tourism, Arts and Environment, Paula Wriedt said the hosts could not have been better chosen to highlight the essence of a Tasmanian holiday.

“I have a feeling Fast Eddie will slow right down to savour the goodness and flavour of our fresh local produce, wine and seafood,” Ms Wriedt said.

“Tim, on the other hand, can’t wait for a taste of Tasmanian adventure.”

The program, which is funded by the Tourism Promotion Plan and Tourism Tasmania, is being produced by local company Southern Cross TV.

The 10 half-hour episodes and one-hour ‘Best Of’ special will air at 6.30pm on Saturday evenings between 22 September and 1 December.

Ms Wriedt said the television program was just one part of a comprehensive campaign to increase Tasmanians’ knowledge of regional destinations, stimulate their interest and pride in Tasmanian tourism opportunities, and encourage them to travel more widely and more often within their home state.

In addition to the television program and advertising, the campaign will feature a magazine-quality publication, direct mail, partnerships with Tasmania’s three major daily newspapers and cooperative opportunities for Tasmanian tourism operators.

Tim and Alex at the Penitentiary

Tim and Alex at the Penitentiary

The TV crew arrives at Port Arthur in style

The TV crew arrives at Port Arthur in style

Co-host Tim Campbell is surrounded by 'Home and Away' fans from Northern Island

Co-host Tim Campbell is surrounded by ‘Home and Away’ fans from Northern Island

Tim and Port Arthur guide Alex Green

Tim and Port Arthur guide Alex Green