New Dockyard Visitor Guide now available

June 27, 2012

A new visitor guide to the Port Arthur Dockyard is now available to help visitors gain a better insight into this rare example of a convict operated shipyard.

Today the area is quiet and empty. But between 1834 and 1848, it was the busiest shipyard in the colony. Vessels up to 25 metres were constructed in the slipway, amid a mass of workmen and the noise of saws, hammers, metal work and shouting.

The visitor guide is designed to complement the sculptural elements and high-tech soundscapes that are built into the Dockyard, to recreate the sense of being in the various areas and workshops at the height of its production.

Laminated hard copies of the visitor guide are available on site to borrow whilst visiting. It is also available for download free from the Port Arthur Historic Site website –

Access to the Port Arthur Dockyard is included in the cost of site entry.

Port Arthur's Dockyard

Port Arthur’s Dockyard