Memorial avenues and community remembrance topic of next Port Arthur Talk

September 9, 2011

Memorial avenues, a popular form of community remembrance across Australia after the Great War, will be the subject of the next Port Arthur Talk. John Wadsley’s presentation will focus on the Soldiers’ Memorial Avenue in Hobart, its history and restoration over the past 10 years as a guide for other community projects.

Other avenues around Tasmania will be discussed including the Port Arthur Avenue and some of its stories. A key theme is how families and communities used avenues and other memorials as ‘surrogate’ gravesites for their remembrance, as well as an expression of the significant losses faced by so many places across Tasmania.

John Wadsley has been a planning and heritage practitioner for the past 25 years, and established his own consultancy in January 2007 after 10 years with another consultancy firm. Before that he worked in a variety of government agencies including the National Parks and Wildlife Service as a Ranger at Port Arthur and other historic sites during the 1980s.

He has been a member of the Friends of Soldiers Memorial Avenue since 2003 and is currently Senior Vice-President. He is also Deputy Chair of the Military Heritage Foundation of Tasmania which supports the Military Museum of Tasmania at Anglesea Barracks.

Thursday 15 September 2011 at 5.30pm, Junior Medical Officer’s Conference Room, Port Arthur Historic Site
For more information call (03) 6251 2324

The memorial avenue at Port Arthur

The memorial avenue at Port Arthur