Guided Walking Tour of the Port Arthur Historic Site

A guide shows visitors around the Port Arthur Historic Site(Credit: PAHSMA - photo by Peter Whyte, 2004)

Guided walks

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Our Education Guided Walks provide students with an orientation to the Historic Site, and an introduction to the history of Port Arthur. These walks are an ideal starting point for a further exploration of the extensive buildings and grounds.

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Education Guided Walk

Select from the Primary or Secondary options when booking this tour (50 minutes)

This Guided Walk takes students through three locations on-site where they will hear stories of life in the convict settlement, and will consider whether Port Arthur was a place of punishment, reform or both. This is an interactive tour on which students will be encouraged to discover the answers to some key questions, while also posing some questions of their own.

The stops included on the Education Guided Walk are the Penitentiary Precinct, the Military Precinct and the Separate Prison. Alternative locations can be substituted for special requests. Please see th list below of Education Guided Walk Stop Descriptions or Contact the Education Officer to discuss your areas of interest.

Please note that due to the Penitentiary Precinct Conservation Project, Education Guided Walks will not include a stop inside the Penitentiary in 2014. The alternative route will include a stop at the Hospital, unless otherwise requested. Visit the Penitentiary Precinct Conservation Project page for more information on this project. 

'Making a Better World?' The evolution of a convict settlement'

Education Tour for the Year Nine Australian Curriculum (90 minutes)

This specialised tour has been developed in line with the Australian Curriculum for Year Nine History.

On this tour students will discover the significance of the Port Arthur Convict Settlement through examining its three main phases as a timber-getting station, secondary punishment station under the assignment system, and under the probation system.

Students will have the opportunity to empathise with the convicts and free settlers of Port Arthur as they find out what the living and working conditions were like and hear personal accounts of daily life at a convict settlement. Through examining buildings, photographs and artefacts, students will discover Port Arthur's many layers of history and stories of punishment and reform. 

On this tour, the history of Port Arthur will be discussed in the context of world history during this period, including the events and movements which influenced the transportation of convicts to Australia. It is strongly recommended that students undertake some study of this history prior to undertaking this tour. This can be achieved through covering the overview content of the Year Nine History Curriculum, or through the pre-visit learning activities provided in the Year Nine Program Guide.

See the Classroom Resources page for the Program Guide and associated resources.

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