What to Expect

The Port ArthurPenitentiary where Tasmanian convicts were imprisoned in Tasmania

The Penitentiary where Tasmanian convicts were imprisoned as viewed from the waterfrom across Mason Cove in Tasmania’s South East

What to Expect

Port Arthur was much more than a prison. It was a complete community—home to the military personnel and free settlers who worked here, an industrial complex producing a huge range of resources and materials and a working farm.

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View of Port Arthur, the number one Tasmanian tourist attraction.


The Port Arthur Historic Site covers around 40 hectares (100 acres) of land containing more than 30 historic buildings, extensive ruins and beautiful grounds and gardens. Located a short distance across Carnarvon Bay are the Isle of the Dead and the site of the Point Puer Boys Prison—both important parts of the Site.

The township of Port Arthur, just outside the Site, is a close-knit community with a general store, accommodation, dining and tour operators.

An aerial view of the World Heritage listed convict Coal Mines Historic Site
The Coal Mines Historic Site is 25 minutes’ drive from Port Arthur, near Saltwater River on the north western tip of the Tasman Peninsula.  This important convict site is also managed by the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority and is another compelling chapter in the story of Tasmania’s convict history.

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