Padbolt at the separate prison where Tasmanian convicts were sentenced to solitary confinement

A convict era lock at Port Arthur

Self Guided Activities

We offer self-guided activities for school groups and families. These activities can be conducted by teachers without assistance from a Port Arthur Guide.

Download the instructions for the activities below and get ready for some educational fun!

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The Amazing Race

In the 'Amazing Race' students visit up to eight locations to find answers to a series of questions. Students can race against the clock or each other, in teams or as individuals.

Race Through Time

In the 'Race Through Time' students work in groups to visit several locations and collect points by answering questions and solving puzzles. students must also work out the link that draws together their 'lottery of life' convict characters.

Please note that 'The Amazing Race' and 'Race Through Time' worksheets are currently unavailable. The activities are being modified due to the closure of the Penitentiary during the Penitentiary Precinct Conservation Project. New worksheets will be available soon, in the meantime if you have any questions please Contact the Education Officer