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Visitors on an audio tour at Port Arthur

Visitors on an audio tour at Port Arthur's historic shipyard

Audio Tour

This tour blends photos, history, music and readings from colonial-era journals and books to bring 25 historical stories of Port Arthur to life.

As you walk around the Site, listen to the accounts of real people whose experiences took place right where you are standing.

It's available from the App Store for your iPhone or iPod Touch, or you can hire a player with the tour pre-loaded on arrival at Port Arthur.

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Download the Audio Tour from the App Store

The Port Arthur Audio Tour app is available for download from the App Store

This is the official audio-visual guide to the Port Arthur Historic Site. Via the App you can hear stories from those who lived, worked in and visited this infamous place, both during the height of the convict settlement and in more recent times. 

Each story is performed by character actors to create an engrossing and personal experience of the Port Arthur Historic Site. 

The guide covers all of the Historic Site’s major buildings and ruins, landscapes and personalities. See dozens of rare historical images supplied by institutions across the nation and the world, including images of the original buildings and their occupants. Listen to stirring tales of reform and punishment, hear the sounds of the industrial hive that once existed here and stories from conservation staff involved in caring for this World Heritage Listed property.

The App allows you to explore the Historic Site in your own time, visiting the buildings and locations which most appeal to you. Follow the suggested route across the site or choose your own path using the interactive map.

Use this guide to explore the Historic Site and access exclusive information, before, during and after your visit to Port Arthur, and access the website of the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority and our online gift shop.

You can download the tour from the App Store to your iPhone or iPod Touch device for $1.99, or you can hire a device with the tour pre-loaded at the Visitor Centre on arrival at a cost of $6.00.

Allow at least two hours to complete the audio tour, and get ready to be totally engaged by Port Arthur's Amazing Stories and Epic History.