In Their Words – Ghost stories from the staff and visitors at the Port Arthur Historic Site

May 23, 2016

In their words

“Every year thousands of visitors come to Port Arthur for the thrill of tales told by candlelight in the mysterious old buildings.  As an old prison with a dark and often violent past, many people say that if any location deserves to be haunted, Port Arthur would be high on that list…”

With reports of the paranormal dating back to the 1870s, Port Arthur has long had a haunted reputation.  Through their collective decades of tours, the Ghost Tour guides at Port Arthur have collected many stories of unusual occurrences happening both to the guides and to the visitors who join the tours.  In Their Words is a new publication documenting just some of the many tales told by guides past and present.

“…As he stood there in the long hall he became aware of the feeling of someone standing next to him, though he couldn’t see anyone at the time.  He described the presence as unbelievably real and tangible to the point that he stood there expecting someone to appear.  When nothing came forward he began to walk along the passage into the gloomy house. It was as though the presence followed him, escorting him along the corridor into the depths of the building…”

In Their Words paints a chilling picture of the supernatural events that have taken place from convict days until present time, with a combination of modern and historic tales, photographs and details from real convict records.

Available at the Port Arthur Historic Site Gift Shop; don’t forget to pick up your copy when you visit.