Images of Point Puer

May 20, 2016

We’ve just had our photo library updated with some stellar new shots from photographer Alistair Bett, including some great images of our Point Puer tour in full swing.  For those who’ve never visited it, Point Puer is a fascinating place.  Home to some 3000 boys between 1834 and 1849, it was the first prison of its kind in the British Empire – a separate prison purely for boys between the ages of 9-18.

Every day, our passionate tours guides lead groups of visitors out to the boys prison to talk about the ideas behind the prison, and the realities of life for the boys who called it home.  Now largely an archaeological site, Point Puer’s rolling landscape hides some great stories of youth, humour, and the darker twists that accompany a 19th century prison.

This is a tour that takes you a little deeper into the workings of convict transportation, and gives a great insight into the chasm that is the difference between theory and practice.

Join a Point Puer Boys Prison tour to find out more.