Grounds and gardens at Port Arthur looking great

November 26, 2008

Many of the cottage-style gardens at the Port Arthur Historic Site are at their peak at the moment. In particular, the Government Gardens are looking especially fine and would reward a visit over the next few weeks.

The Government Gardens are a distinct precinct of the Port Arthur Historic Site, containing a historically comprised landscape and built features, plant materials and other elements of high significance. The gardens were originally established in the late 1830’s as an outdoor leisure space for the civil and military officials at Port Arthur, and survived until well after the closure of the settlement in 1877.

The Government Gardens were reconstructed in accordance with an 1858 survey. Extensive research of historic photographs, palynological soil analysis and archaeological investigations were used to establish the planting species, the type and location of paths, fences and other landscape features originally extant within the precinct. The central pathway, fountain and plantings from the original 1840s were retained.

Access to the grounds and gardens is included in the cost of site entry.
Special guided tours of the Gardens may be organised by prior arrangement – please call 1800 659 101 several days prior to your visit.

The grounds and gardens of the Port Arthur and Coal Mines Historic Sites are maintained by PAHSMA’s Grounds and Gardens team.

Government Gardens at Port Arthur Government Gardens at Port Arthur Government Gardens at Port Arthur

Government Gardens at Port Arthur