Get behind the scenes of the Separate Prison project

May 19, 2008

For National Archaeology Week, three of PAHSMA’s staff will share their perspectives on the current Separate Prison Project. Bringing together conservation philosophies, professional and trade perspectives has been one of the most interesting aspects of this ground breaking project. The talk, entitled Breaking the silence, will be presented by Julia Clark, Greg Jackman and Jo Lyngcoln this Wedensday, 21 May.

Jo Lyngcoln, as project manager, will share the unfolding of the physical presence of the structure illuminating fascinating stories that reveal the evidence of long gone elements. From an archaeological perspective, the Separate Prison project provides an opportunity to turn the spotlight on specific aspects of the building fabric and cultural deposits.

Greg Jackman will reveal how seemingly insignificant marks on stone and accumulations of debris reveal tantalising insights into daily life at the prison. Finally, as an interpreter, Julia Clark’s challenge is to find the balance between historical authenticity and engaging communication. While not wanting to create a setting that is necessarily accurate in every detail, Port Arthur seeks to give visitors the sense that they have encountered something very like what the prisoners and warders experienced.

Julia Clark was trained as an archaeologist but has been working in museums and on heritage sites for most of her working life. She is particularly interested in creating public programs that challenge visitors’ preconceptions and make links between the past and the present.

Jo Lyngcoln has had a long association with the Tasman Peninsula – including the Coal Mines Historic Site and Eaglehawk Neck Convict Station – especially during her time with the Parks and Wildlife Service as historic heritage officer.

Greg Jackman has qualifications in geology, archaeology and surveying and after a career in archaeological consultancy, teaching at Flinders University, and working with Forestry Tasmania and Parks & Wildlife Service, Greg joined PAHSMA in 1996.


Wednesday 21 May, 2008 at 5.30 p.m. sharp
Junior Medical Officer’s Conference Room,
Port Arthur Historic Site