Fun activities for families at Port Arthur this summer

December 16, 2013

Nobody needs to miss out on a Ghost Tour at Port Arthur this summer just because the children should be in bed or are afraid of the dark. Special PG–rated family-friendly ghost tours will be offered early each evening, finishing before nightfall. The definition of family is pretty friendly too…2 adults and up to six children can join the fun for $65.

Our late-night, adults only Paranormal Investigation Experience will be offered twice monthly during the warmer months of January, February and March.

By day, Devonshire tea will be served in the gloriously refurbished Visiting Magistrates House – if the weather is fine, tea on the veranda affords a magnificent vista over the Site.

The kids can get their hands dirty with the Traditional Trades activities while developing an understanding of history and conservation, as they try their hand at stone masonry and bricklaying.

Convict love tokens were small engraved mementos made by convicts for their friends and relatives to remember them by and are the focus of another new activity at our Education Centre. Using the designs of genuine convict tokens held in the Port Arthur collections as inspiration, kids can make their own love token using a variety of techniques. This activity joins our perennial favourite, peg dolls, convict brick making and fantascopes.

Our new Hidden Secrets Activity Book, available free of charge from the ticketing counter, is packed full of activities and puzzles; a great way for children over the age of eight to discover the history of Port Arthur.

Our series of short History Plays bring the stories of Port Arthur to life. Each of the three plays are performed twice daily (weather permitting), directed by Chris Hamley and performed by Chris with Sara Pensalfini, Nelson Ohl and Michael Edgar.

Access to all these daytime family activities are included in the site entry fee.