From ‘Tench’ to Tourism

September 2, 2004

An interesting talk is on at Port Arthur this month about the Hobart Town Penitentiary.

Hobart Town’s Campbell Street Penitentiary or “Tench” was the Convict Headquarters and Prisoners Barracks from 1821 until 1857.

It was then utilized as the Hobart Gaol for more than 100 years, until all was destroyed in the early 1960s, except for the outstanding Penitentiary Chapel and Criminal Courts building.

Brian Rieusset will present an illustrated talk with plans, photographs and rare film footage outlining a fascinating history of the buildings, inmates, escapes, executions and finally restoration and interpretation for tourism presentation.

Wednesday 15 September, 2004 5.30 p.m.

At the Asylum, Port Arthur Historic Site