Flogging James McKinney: An intimate history of Macquarie Harbour

November 1, 2004

Dr Hamish Maxwell-Stewart will provide a fascinating insight into the relationship between a convict absconder and authority at the Port Arthur asylum on November 17.

He is currently working on a study of relations between convicts and free people at Macquarie Harbour penal station and will try in this talk to literally get under the skin of some of these individuals.

The aim is to be forensic using a number of different techniques to try to uncover the factors which may have motivated them.

Dr Maxwell-Stewart will concentrate on the relationship between the convict absconder, James McKinney, John Flinn, the man who flogged him, Lieutenant Cuthbertson, the commandant who ordered the punishment, and Henry Crockett, the surgeon empowered to stop it.

The talk starts at 5.30pm and all are welcome.