School Booking Requests

To make a booking request, please fill out the form below.

Please note that booking request should be made in advance to ensure the availability of tours and activities. If you have any questions about you visit, please contact the Education Officer directly. 

The basic package for students visiting Port Arthur includes:

  • entry to the site for two consecutive days
  • access to over 30 historic buildings, ruins and gardens
  • one Guided Education Walk (choose from the basic student package page)
  • 25 minute Harbour Cruise.

Remember to allow time to do all the things you want to do while on site. For a one day visit, a recommended itinerary would include the basic package and up to two additional tours/activities. For a two day visit, a recommended itinerary would include the basic package and up to four additional tours/activities.

If you have any queries about your visit or questions about which activities might be most suitable for your school, please contact our Education Officer.


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Educational Options

Please review our education options on this website for outlines of the activities listed below. (Tick boxes)

A. Harbour Cruise (included in the basic package for students) *

Harbour Cruise (25 minutes) 
Not Required 

B. Guided Education Walks (included in the basic package for students) *

Education Guided Walk Primary (50 minutes) 
Education Guided Walk Secondary (50 minutes) 
Making a Better World?' Guided Walk for Year Nine Curriculum (90 minutes) 
Not Required 

C. On-Site Educational Activities

Convict Brick Making (30 minutes) 
Riddles and Rubbish (50 minutes) 

D. Optional Tours

Isle of the Dead Cemetery Tour (allow 1 hour) 
Point Puer Boys' Prison Tour (allow 2 hours - unavailable in August) 
Ghost Tour (90 minutes) 
Please note: Optional Tours are not recommended for people with restricted mobility.

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