Discover the wildlife of Phillip Island in this week’s Port Arthur Talk

June 13, 2009

Biologist and Port Arthur guide Caitlin Vertigan will discuss her recent work on the wildlife of Phillip Island in Victoria in a Port Arthur Talk, this Wednesday 15 July starting at 5.30pm.

In the 1920s local residents of Phillip Island started taking visitors down to Summerland Bay to watch the penguins return to their burrows at night. Thus began the world famous ‘Penguin Parade’ a tourism operation that sees in excess of 600,000 visitors per year.

What is not often known is that a large proportion of the profits of the Parade go towards a comprehensive research program incorporating a wide range of species and habitats including penguins, seals, terns, gulls and feral animal control.

In addition to her research on short-tailed shearwaters and penguins on Wedge Island near Nubeena, Caitlin recently spent six months working in the Phillip Island Nature Park Research department and will present a summary of the projects currently undertaken and their results and implications for wildlife conservation through the medium of wildlife photography.

With a Bachelor of Science (1999) and Bachelor of Antarctic Studies (Hons., 2000) from the University of Tasmania, Caitlin is a current PhD candidate at UTAS studying the effects of environmental variation on population trends of short-tailed shearwaters and little penguins in Southern Tasmania. She has been a guide at Port Arthur since 2001.


Wednesday 15 July, 2009 5.30 pm
Junior Medical Officer’s Conference Room, Port Arthur Historic Site

For more information please call 03 6251 2324