Celebrate the Tasmanian Heritage Festival at Port Arthur

May 11, 2009

Water has shaped Tasmania in many ways. For convicts, water was a double lock on the door of their imprisonment. For settlers, the rivers and rich rainfalls enabled agriculture and industry, transportation and recreation.

It has become our major energy source and a central image in the fight for conservation. It defi nes our island identity and creates a unique sense of place.

The Tasmanian Heritage Festival will be marked at the Port Arthur Historic Site on Sunday 17 May with two very special one-off tours led by expert guides exploring diverse aspects of water at the Site.

Port Arthur’s Dockyards
Sunday 17 May, 12noon to 1pm

Throughout colonial Australia, only three dockyards used convict labour both to build the yards and the ships; the Port Arthur Dockyard was one of them. This tour will highlight the signifi cance of the convict built maritime craft, such as barques, brigs, schooners, cutters, whaleboats and buoys used for the transportation of convicts, supplies and raw materials and manufactured goods.

The tour will be led by Julia Clark, PAHSMA Interpretation Project Officer, who led the development of the innovative and award-winning interpretation of the Dockyard.

Water at Port Arthur
Sunday 17 May, 2pm to 3pm

Focusing on water as a source of life, power and industry at Port Arthur, this tour will be led by PAHSMA Archaeology Manager Greg Jackman. It will include the fascinating Convict Water Supply Trail.

These Tasmanian Heritage Festival activities are included in the cost of site entry.

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Port Arthur's Dockyard, once the busiest in Van Diemans Land

Port Arthur’s Dockyard, once the busiest in Van Diemans Land