Celebrate the Tasmanian Heritage Festival at Port Arthur this Sunday

April 29, 2014


The Port Arthur Historic Site will be holding a day of activities this Sunday, May 4 to celebrate its botanic heritage as part of the 2014 Tasmanian Heritage festival that runs throughout May and is themed around the concept of ‘Journeys’.

Artists from the Botanica group will exhibit their completed works at the Asylum Hall throughout May. The group comprises students of Lauren Black, a leading figure in botanical art in Australia. There is an opportunity to meet some of the artists at the Asylum Hall on Sunday between 11am and 3pm and share their research about the plants and trees at Port Arthur, which are the inspiration behind their current art project.

Sunday will also witness the launch of a new partnership between the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority and the Free Settlers Historic Plant Nursery.
Grant Horne and his wife Rowena Howard from the Free Settlers Historical Plant Nursery aim to collect living tissue from historic trees and plants to help conserve the original genetic stock of the first plants brought to Australia as part of Australia’s history.

Rare heritage garden plants from Port Arthur, some possibly dating back to the 1830s, are being brought back from the brink of extinction, propagated and made available to Tasmanian gardeners to ensure their survival for future generations.

Grant will be at Port Arthur on the 4th May from 11 am to 3 pm in the Trentham Orchard to share his expertise as a professional grafter and nurseryman, and his extensive knowledge of caring for and propagating heritage plants. Orders for rare heritage fruit tree varieties can be made on this day for delivery in the spring.

There will be the opportunity to join a tour of the gardens and grounds of the Port Arthur Historic Site between 12:00-1:30pm to learn about the significant trees and plants, and the stories behind them. Afternoon tea in the Asylum Coffee Shop using produce from the gardens will also be available.

WHAT: 2014 Tasmanian Heritage Festival events at the Port Arthur Historic Site

WHEN: Sunday 4 May from 11am

WHERE: Port Arthur Historic Site, 6973 Arthur Highway, Port Arthur


Access to these events is included in the cost of site entry (additional cost applies for afternoon tea).