‘Travelling Stories’ Connecting People and Landscapes

‘Travelling Stories’ Conference 2017

This conference is the first-ever collaboration between the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA) and Interpretation Australia (IA). The theme is “Travelling Stories: connecting people and landscapes” and it will bring people together to explore new ways of telling stories about the important landscapes, places and environments in which we live and work.  It will be a travelling conference, moving through venues from Launceston to Hobart via key places along the Midlands Highway. We anticipate the attendance of people from a broad range of disciplines and professions – interpretation specialists, archaeologists, writers, designers, heritage consultants, heritage tourism operators, digital technology specialists, museum curators, tour guides, parks rangers, naturalists, visitor program managers – to explore common ground and approaches.

The conference theme has allowed for the development of joint sessions and cross-disciplinary discussions about how data and research become transformed into knowledge and how knowledge can be shared with a wide range of audiences in a constantly changing world. Each organisation has developed conference sessions that relate to its professional interests and concerns, and which will deliver papers about both natural and cultural environments.

We have tried to develop the conference experience through an exploration of the excitingly complex and interesting landscapes of Tasmania and beyond, using both formal conference sessions and informed site visits. The conference will integrate field excursions with thematic discussions rather than relegating field trips to pre- or post-conference optional extras (although there will be some of those too!). In all of the conference deliberations the focus will be on the telling of new stories, using established and developing technologies for better interpretive outcomes, and in reaching audiences that previously may have seemed either physically remote or challenging to engage. We aim to foster new thinking, profitable collaborations and an atmosphere that encourages challenging the status quo.