Ghost Tour

Darkness falls and a hidden side of historic Port Arthur emerges. It is a different place after sunset, full of mystery and intrigue. Flickering lantern light draws you close to hear tales from long ago.

The Ghost Tour

Join a lantern-lit tour with an experienced guide, who will vividly recount real people’s documented stories of sightings and unexplained occurrences of the past. Engaging storytelling reveals strange unexplained occurrences during Port Arthur’s history, events that baffled and alarmed convicts, free settlers, soldiers and today’s visitors alike.

The mysteries will resonate in your mind long after the lantern dims at the end of the night.

A Haunted History

Documented ghost stories have been associated with Port Arthur since 1870, when the prison was still in operation.  Since that time the site has had a rich history of paranormal encounters – from visitors, staff and contractors.

Over 1000 people died at Port Arthur throughout its 47 year history, others, like convict William Riley, were taken to Hobart Town for execution.  There are those who say the sad souls of the departed remain at the prison, and many visitors and staff have claimed to witness strange events at the Site.

Ghost tour

Ghost Tour Details

Ghost Tours last approximately 90 minutes, and cover roughly 2km of walking by lantern light.  Tours operate in most weather conditions, so we recommend that visitors come prepared.

Unlike many other tours around the world, visitors on our Ghost Tours have exclusive access to our World Heritage listed Site, so the atmosphere won’t be shattered by crowds or traffic.

Ghost Tours operate every evening except Christmas Day.

Current tour times and prices

Frequently Asked Questions
From 1 June 2017, we are moving into Stage 2 and the most critical part of the much-anticipated redevelopment of the Port Arthur Historic Site Visitor Centre.

Ghost Tours will continue to operate departing from the Asylum building rather than the Visitor Centre. On arrival guests will be escorted from the ticketing concourse to the Asylum for refreshments or a light dinner before their ghost tour. We would therefore like to recommend that our guests plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to their tour departure time.

The Ghost Tour is not suitable for those with restricted mobility. Please refer to our Accessibility page for more information.

Ghost Tour Video Introduction