Boxing Day Woodchopping Carnival

The Port Arthur Boxing Day Woodchopping Carnival is possibly the longest continuously running sporting carnival in Australia

An axeman completes the final stroke on a log at the Port Arthur Boxing Day Carnival

Each Christmas, the Port Arthur Historic Site is very pleased to host the Boxing Day Woodchopping Carnival, which is thought to be one of, and possibly THE longest running sports carnival in Australia.

Our research has shown that the Boxing Day Woodchopping Carnival has received over 15,000 newspaper entries over the last century or so.

These reports have also reinforced that for many years the festival involved more than just wood chopping. Activities have included footraces, jumping, athletics, stalls, bike races, shot put, cricket ball throwing, nail driving, three-legged races and even dances.

In conjunction with the Carnival organisers and our Community Advisory Committee, the Port Arthur Historic Site has decided to reintroduce some of these ‘traditional’ events. It should be a great day for the kids, with a range of races, including the well loved egg-and-spoon race,

The 2015 Boxing Day Woodchopping Carnival was held on Saturday 26 December, with events starting at 9am.

Access to the Carnival is included in the cost of Site entry.