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Have the latest news from the Port Arthur Historic Sites delivered directly to you. Keep up to date with the latest news and media releases about the Agency using our RSS feeds.

Really Simple Syndication RSS of Latest News

Really Simple SyndicationRSS of Media Releases

What is RSS?

RSS provides details of the latest items available at a website, to help you keep up to date without having to check the site itself, allowing you to subscribe and read the content in RSS newsreader software (including but not limited to most browsers). Whenever the web page is updated your newsreader will automatically display the new item.

How can I use RSS?

There are many news readers available and many are free - see a list of recommended RSS readers at ZDnet Australia.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, right-click on the relevant orange RSS icon above and select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" to copy the location URL and then paste it into the appropriate place in your RSS reader. Follow the instructions for your particular news reader.

Alternatively, you can subscribe within some web browsers. The advantage of this is that you require no extra software installed to make use of RSS feeds that are available.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers all support RSS Feeds. To view RSS Feeds using these browsers look for these icons in the URL bar (in the toolbar for Internet Explorer):

RSS Logo used in FirefoxFirefox

When you click on this icon in Firefox, you will be given the choice of adding a 'live bookmark'. The live bookmark will then appear on your browser just under the URL bar and when you click on it a drop-down menu of the latest RSS feeds will appear.

RSS Logo used in SafariSafari

When you click on this icon in Safari, you will be taken to the built-in RSS reader in Safari. The latest news stories from the RSS feed are then displayed on this page, along with some tools to help you manage RSS feeds.

You can also 'bookmark' a RSS feed which will appear on your browser just under the URL bar and the number of unread news stories will appear next to the name of the bookmark.