35 years of archaeological collections topic of our next Port Arthur Talk

September 4, 2012

Archaeological investigations at Port Arthur began in 1977 with excavation of the Prisoners’ Barracks by Sydney University graduate student Maureen Byrne. Over the next 35 years, 600 archaeological projects have been undertaken by Port Arthur archaeologists and outside contractors.

This talk, presented by Jeanne Harris and Sylvana Szydzik, presents a summary of the preliminary findings of the 2012 Collections Assessment Project, and future plans for the collections. We will discuss the interesting projects and artefacts rediscovered during this assessment and unfortunately, the sad condition of some of the early collections.

Jeanne Harris and Sylvana Szydzik are currently serving as Conservation Project Officers at Port Arthur to conduct an assessment of the archaeological collections that have been produced over the past 35 years.

Jeanne has 35 years of experience in archaeological collections management, artefact analysis, and 20 years experience as a database manager for such collections. Her association with Port Arthur began in 2011, as the Collections Manager for the Summer Archaeology Program.

Sylvana has been working as a consulting archaeologist in Victoria, managing both Aboriginal and Historical Archaeological projects. Her association with Port Arthur began in 2011 as a participant in the Summer Archaeology program, and internship to the subsequent cataloguing of artefacts recovered from that program.

ALL WELCOME – Free entry

Thursday 13 September, 2012, 5.30pm at the Junior Medical Officer’s Conference Room, Port Arthur Historic Site

For more information call +61 (0)3 6251 2324